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Hilariously Bad DIY Facebook Videos

I can’t help myself. I was going to try and write an article about cool DIY Facebook videos but wound up finding really, really ridiculously stupid ones. Granted, some of these come from 5 Minute Crafts, so hence the silliness. But I thought I’d share some hilariously useless DIY ideas that, in practice, mean much more work than the preexisting tools that have already been made for the same purpose.

Facebook Video #1: Ye Old 5 Minute Crafts

I’ve previously expressed my doubts about the 5 Minutes Crafts craze and how some of the ideas behind it are ridiculously obtuse. So let me start off by linking to one of the DIY Facebook videos in question here. This is one of the first videos I stumbled upon when searching for DIY, and it has 43,0000 views. Not the most when it comes to online videos, but also not insubstantial. A whole lot of people watched this video, and while the ideas seem initially pretty clever, once you actually think about it, they’re pretty…extra.

I’ll admit, this Facebook video first starts out strong with a cool, clever, clean trick to create a painting palette. It’s about using plastic bottle caps, a CD, and a plastic bottle with a little hot glue. The bottle caps are cool because they close and work as containers, and it’s all about a recycled piece of thing. Awesome. I love recycling. But if you truly intend to use this item as a palette, there’s no place to mix the paints.

If you plan on making this for a child, it’ll work great. Or, if you don’t have access to a store, it’s also a pretty cool option. Otherwise, buying an actual palette or simply just using a plate would be a whole lot easier, and more useful for an avid artist. Not a bad idea. I thought I was in for a treat.

PQ Crafts

The next Facebook video I found was DIY home décor by PQ Crafts with 23,000 views. There were four ideas I thought were genuinely nice: the pistachio nut flowers, the phone holder, the stick flower backdrop, and the basket. These seemed like cute, actually pretty décor that could provide ambiance to a home. The rest was less so.

There were a couple of…stuffed animal furniture ideas? Look, that would work great for a children’s room, and make for a great craft for little ones, but for a general home décor it’s kind of tacky. There were also some flower ideas that looked less than great, and some of the crafts could be much better accomplished with better supplies. Overall, a weak contender amongst the DIY Facebook videos and the DIY plethora on the internet.

OMG Another 5 Minute Crafts

I wasn’t going to do another one. I wanted more diversity in this article. But when I watched the first “DIY hack” on this video, I scoffed so hard I choked. They used a hair straightener to pop the leftover popcorn kernels at the bottom of a bowl. Who even cares about that? Who is going to individually pop kernels with a hair iron? Who wants that salt and butter on their hair stuff?

The next few were actual tools form actual stores, so not so DIY 5 Minute. In fact, you’re literally just showing kitchen tools. The title is kitchen gadgets, but it’s DIY kitchen gadgets. The pencil sharpener for carrots was actually a nice touch, would give them points for that. I would also throw a kudos for the usage of ice trays for the sushi and pizza-rolls, those are great ideas. So in the end, this video sort of made a comeback. The only critique I had of the latter half was that it had really nothing to do with “gadgets”—it was just baking. Poor title, guys.

DIY Paper Crafts for Kids

DIY paper crafts for kids by Kids Art and Craft with 831,000 views is actually stellar. The ideas in this video are cute as hell and I totally recommend it for any teachers or parents. The paper crafts are pretty easy and should be doable for a lot of age groups. The reason this one is so successful, I think, is because it’s art and art doesn’t necessarily have to be useful or look good. It’s supposed to be fun.

This idea brings me to my next point. A lot of the items I found in these Facebook videos seemed ridiculous and pointless to consider; however, that’s when I was approaching them from an adult-ish standpoint. Literally all of these ideas, except maybe the toothpaste lighter and the flying fire arrow, are great ideas for kids to try. Any of them could double as a mini science experiment or art project.

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